Slim Laser by Universal™

Slim Laser Machine by PalomarThe Slim Laser, sometimes also called Lipo Laser, is one of the most popular procedures in plastic surgery today. Patients searching for a flat stomach and a "six-pack" finally have an answer that is fast and effective in Slim Laser by Universal™ Plastic Surgery in San Jose, Costa Rica.

The Slim Laser liposuction takes place by the use of medical lasers inserted into small incisions in the abdomen to carefully heat the layer of fat located between the abdominal muscles and the skin layers creating a tightening effect. The result is a significantly firmer definition in the lines that define the muscles, therefore making the patient look fitter and slimer. 

The lipo laser is also used for other excersice-resistant areas including the thighs, lower back or neck/chin.

Since the laser light is applied always from below the skin layer, the outer layer of the skin never comes in direct contact with the laser. At Universal™ Plastic Surgery, by using only state-of-the-art Lipo Lasers by Palomar, we ensure that the stimulation and targeting of the laser energy is done with outstanding precision, minimizing the external skin damage.

Slim Laser by UniversalDr. Carlos A. Centeno, M.D., surgical director at Universal™ is convinced that the Slim Laser surgery is becoming so popular due to the fact that the results are very noticeable. "Slim Laser is an innovative cosmetic procedure in Costa Rica, and it requires a trained plastic surgeon to perform in a safely manner," recommends Dr. Centeno, MD.

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